Hello! I’m Martin Stepanek.

If you’ve taken a look at the homepage, you’ll know I’m a technical SEO expert and website architect with over a decade of experience.

My career as a web developer began during my high school years when I first acquired knowledge in the field. At the time, my understanding of SEO, particularly technical SEO, was virtually non-existent. However, that part of my career would emerge later. As a freelancer, I developed dozens of websites and my skills in web development and SEO gradually improved.

A significant step forward occurred after high school when I started working for one of the largest agencies in Slovakia, focusing on the e-commerce sector. There, I learned many new techniques for creating effective websites, especially e-shops. My skills further advanced when I transitioned to another company specialising in fintech projects, where I served as a frontend web developer.

The biggest shift in my career and expertise happened when I joined Quality Unit. As it’s a SaaS company, my focus shifted to maintaining only two websites, rather than creating a new one every week as had been the case in agencies.

Initially, I was a frontend developer but was soon given the opportunity to lead the transformation of our websites to a new CMS. The decision was mine, and I chose WordPress. This allowed me to apply my knowledge of designing website architecture and web development. At this juncture, I dove deeper into technical SEO, incorporating Google Search Console and Ahrefs Site Audits into my daily routine. After a few months, this became my sole responsibility, although I also had to manage a newly formed team, as coding had become too time-consuming.

Through many experiments, often employing a trial-and-error approach—a critical part of learning—our websites became highly optimised. Despite continuous improvement being a journey that requires vast amounts of new knowledge, experimentation, and the implementation of the most effective practices, I can say with confidence that I transitioned from a web developer and web architect to a technical SEO expert.

In 2024, I decided to launch my personal website to share my knowledge and assist others, knowing all too well the challenges and difficulty of finding the right resources when tackling complex issues.

Oh, and I’ve just realised I haven’t told you much about my private life…

So, here goes: I live in Slovakia – that’s right, not Slovenia. We don’t have a coastline, but we are home to stunning caves and castles. Also, we’ve not been part of Czechoslovakia for more than thirty years.

In my free time, I love staying active. I go to the gym, run, and have a keen interest in rock climbing and mountaineering. Who knows? If there ever comes a day when I can no longer stand the thought of being tied to a desk, maybe I’ll transform those hobbies into my next career.

At present, I’m part of the Quality Unit team, looking after the LiveAgent and PostAffiliatePro websites.

You can view my complete CV on LinkedIn.

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