Technical SEO is the backbone of a website’s relationship with search engines. As a technical SEO expert my job is to ensure that websites are not just visible but also comprehensible to the algorithms that dictate organic search rankings. Deploying technical SEO services is essential because they address the non-content elements that influence a site’s visibility and user experience.

Technical SEO audit

My technical SEO audit meticulously evaluates key factors affecting a website’s search engine performance, ensuring issues that might impede ranking are identified and addressed. I scrutinise areas such as site crawlability, indexing status, and site architecture to guarantee search engines can efficiently understand and index the website. This includes optimising site speed for better user experience, ensuring mobile responsiveness for cross-device compatibility, checking XML sitemaps for search engine guidance, addressing duplicate content, securing connections, and verifying structured data markup for clearer content context.

Technical SEO consulting

I offer a technical SEO consulting service aimed at boosting website performance and enhancing search engine rankings through a comprehensive approach.

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