Technical SEO expert

I’m a website expert and architect with a special focus
on technical SEO with over decade of industry experience.

You can find me on…

Martin Stepanek

Technical SEO services

SEO isn’t solely about building external links. They play a relatively minor role. The most vital work happens right on your own site. That’s precisely where I step in, poised to assist you.

Technical SEO

Optimising the code and infrastructure of your website can lead to a huge boost in your rankings. These enhancements can significantly speed up your site and simplify the crawling process, making it more attractive to Google.

Technical SEO audits

Collaboration begins with a thorough website audit. A detailed examination of the website will highlight areas needing attention. Keep in mind, technical SEO isn’t a one-off task. It requires ongoing attention to yield long-term benefits.

Technical SEO consulting

Leverage my technical SEO expertise to boost your site’s position in search results. With more than decade of experience in web development and designing website structures, I am prepared to impart my comprehensive understanding.

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