Technical SEO
& on-page SEO specialist

I’m a website expert and architect with a special focus on technical and on-page SEO with over 14 years of industry experience.

Services I provide

SEO is not only about external link building as many people think. The most crucial part of SEO happens directly on your website. That’s why I’m here and ready to help you.

SEO audit

Before we start with strategy or take action to boost your website, we must begin with an SEO audit to determine our next steps.

Tailor-made SEO strategy

Every website has its own specific needs; therefore, each site requires a tailored strategy based on its current status, goals, and budget.

Fractional head of technical SEO

Would you prefer to establish a long-term partnership without the need to recruit an in-house employee? Hire me.

Architectural solutions

Leverage my experience in architectural design for WordPress websites to create fast, modern, and SEO-optimised websites.

WordPress solutions

Do you need to develop a website, or simply require some advice related to WordPress? I can help you with that.


I offer consultancy services in areas including on-page SEO, technical SEO, website architectural design.

Why should you choose me?

I have over 14 years of experience in creating WordPress websites, which includes development and designing architecture, carrying on-page SEO, attending to technical SEO aspects, and much more.

I have been specialising in…

  • web development for over 14 years,
  • website architecture for over 6 years,
  • leadership of a web development and technical SEO team for over 2 years.

I have experience working with sites…

  • operate in 28 languages simultaneously,
  • boast more than 60,000 pages,
  • receive traffic of over half a million unique visitors each month.

Unlock your website’s full potential

Boost your online reach and ascend the ladder of search engine rankings.