Martin Stepanek

Martin Stepanek is a seasoned Technical SEO Expert and former Web Developer with over a decade of experience. Having created and managed over a hundred websites, his expertise spans agency work to significant roles in SaaS companies, where he elevated site performance through exceptional technical SEO.

Indexability: Ensuring search engines can find your content

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Indexability is fundamental to my efforts in search engine optimisation (SEO). As a technical SEO specialist, I understand that for any webpage to appear in search results, it must first be accessible to a search engine like Google. Indexability refers to a search engine’s ability to analyse and add a webpage to its index, which…

Crawlability overview

Crawlability: Enhance website accessibility for search engines

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Crawlability is a fundamental concept in the world of search engine optimisation (SEO) that refers to the ease with which search engines can access and traverse the content of a website. As a webmaster and technical SEO specialist, I understand that ensuring a website is crawlable involves creating a clear and efficient path for search…

Technical SEO overview

What is technical SEO and why is it so important?

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Technical SEO is a fundamental aspect of search engine optimisation that I regard as the backbone of any successful SEO strategy. It focuses on enhancing the technical elements of a website to ensure that it can be easily crawled and indexed by search engines. By optimising the technical infrastructure of a site, from the way…

Log file analysis and SEO

Log file analysis and SEO: Unlock the secrets with a comprehensive guide

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In my experience with technical SEO, I’ve found that log file analysis plays a critical role in understanding a website’s interaction with search engine crawlers and visitors. Log files are essentially records generated by a web server, chronicling every request made to the server, including those from search engine bots. By examining these files, it’s…

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